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Money and power how goldman sachs came to rule the world william d cohan on amazoncom free shipping on qualifying offers the bestselling author of the acclaimed house of cards and the last tycoons turns his spotlight on to goldman sachs and the controversy behind its success from the outsidemoney and power how goldman sachs came to rule the world is the third book written by william d cohan it chronicles the history of goldman sachs from its founding to the subprime mortgage crisis of 2008 first published as hardcover on march 29 2011 the book has been reprinted soon thereafter on april 12 2011 by doubleday againmoney and power is an overly long history of the wallstreet firm goldman sachs overly long because this history reaches back into the 19th century and spends forever getting to the corruption and malfeasance of goldman which may date back as far as the 70s though truly begins in the 90scharles writes in the real reason people want to be rich isnt so they can buy stuff its so they can have power over others people want influence and respect and they see that people with money have influence and respect so they seek moneymoney and power david a baldwin political scientists are fond of observing that power is to us what money is to the economist the medium via which transactions are observed and measured the analogy sometimes implies as it does in this quotation that money and power perform similar social functions

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